I developed The Ultimate Jack after years of using trailers for work and leisure. With the time it takes to crank up a conventional jack and the safety concerns of using blocks to attain the correct bumper height, I knew there could be a better and safer way. The Ultimate Jack solves both the safety and time consuming issues. There is no longer a need to use blocks under the jack. With The Ultimate Jack's quick release adjustments, you can safely put the foot pad or jack wheel on the ground. While in tow The Ultimate Jack can be raised all the way up to the trailer frame removing the possibility of catching the jack on uneven terrain. Using the quick release, you save tons of time by lowering the jack to the ground and then cranking it a fraction of turns you would on a conventional jack. When you are ready to attach the trailer to your vehicle it's just a matter a few cranks to relieve the pressure and then using the quick release pin to raise the jack to a safe position and you are on your way.

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